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About SSL

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol for transmitting information in an encrypted format over the Internet. The well-used information currently over www, ftp and others protocol would be encrypted and private user information entered into the web site is protected by SSL.

SSL compatible browser

No special settings need to be enabled in your browser to use SSL like Internet Explorer. If your browser is not compatible to SSL, you may not access to the secured pages by SSL or not enter the information on those pages.
The communication by SSL might not be able to be used according to the setting of FireWall when hooking up to the Internet in in-house LAN such as companies through FireWall.

How to confirm the status of encrypted communication by SSL

When the communication is secured by SSL, the address of the website appears “ https://” not “ http://” and a closed padlock in the bottom right portion of your browser.

Using Internet Explorer

A closed padlock in the bottom right portion of your browser indicates that the page uses using SSL-secure transmission.

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